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In Poetry on December 17, 2009 at 10:32 pm

The Sisters

In the vine-shadows on the veranda;
under the yellow leaves, in the cooling sun,
sit two sisters. Their slow voices run
like little winter creeks, dwindled by frost and wind,
and the square of sunlight moves on the veranda.

They remember the gay young men on their tall horses
who came courting; the dancing and the smells of leather
and wine, the girls whispering by the fire together;
even their dolls and ponies, all they have left behind
moves in the yellow shadows on the veranda.

Thinking of their lives apart and the men they married
thinking  of the marriage-bed and the birth of their first
they look down smiling. “My life was wide and wild,
and who can know my heart? There in that golden jungle
I walk alone,” say the old sisters on the veranda.

Judith Wright, 1949

  1. …and then go read my review at LOL. I’ve seen it twice now and could see it again I think. Lovely movie.

    • Oops, I first posted this on your Bright star post. Did you know that your Notify me check box doesn’t work? At least it was never worked for me on your blog, resulting in my giving up on a couple of occasions after having my comment tossed to the winds as soon as I’ve tried to tick that check box…

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